Friday, April 22, 2011

Child's Desk ReDo

Once upon a time, I was a little kid with a yellow and black desk that had fruit on it. I am so thankful that my Mom never got rid of this. And super thankful she did the grunt work of sanding it where it needed sanding! A few years ago, my father brought it out to me in Nevada from New Mexico. Joey was probably barely four at the time. It didn't stay in our house very long. At the time, Joey would not allow the "kick stand" to be open so the desktop would be level. He insisted on it being slanted. And after several slams of the lid and several heart attacks thinking that he or Jake lost a finger, it went back in the garage.
Don't you just love the fruit design on the front! LOL

We have had several versions of desks in and out of this house. Most took up way too much room and did not last very long. So I figured this may be the perfect solution. I made both boys promise that they would keep the "kick stand" up so it would be somewhat safer (I am still working on a solution to make it stop slamming). It was time for a trip to Home Depot to pick out paint. As my husband has recently pointed out to me, Joey has my crafty creativeness. We are also both the type that like things a certain way. We had different visions for how this desk would turn out. First we had to settle on a paint color. Thankfully we were both happy with it being blue. I love lighter blues and black together. The color we both finally agreed on is Glidden's Blue Marina. Ironically it ended up being pretty much the same blue that was in some scrapbook paper I was hoping to use to decorate it.
Here is the desk after a few coats of blue and a few sprays of black spray paint. Thanks to my neighbor, Heidi, for helping me get all the tiny spots (she donated some not being used make up brushes!!).

I spent last night watching the Red Sox vs Angels game cutting up some Bo Bunny Blast Off paper. Then this morning I mapped out how I wanted to place it on the top of the desk. To be fair, I asked Joey for his opinion. Oh BOY! After a few minor placement arguments....we agreed on what you see here. The pieces have been stuck on with Mod Podge. And I am in the process of polyurethaning the crap out of it. It came out pretty good if I do say so myself...almost afraid to let the boys use it.....