Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Receipt Holder Book

Receipts Holder Book
This is great for keeping in your purse. I always misplace the receipts I really need. But I seem to always have the ones for that cup of Starbucks!

What you will need:
Envelopes (how many is up to you...I used five)
Patterned cardstock
Paper clips and Brads (optional)
Hole Punch or We R Memory Keepers: Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite
Ink for edges (optional)

I used some envelopes I had that were I a size I would not use for cards. You can use any size you want. Since mine were kind of big, I cut them down. Originally they were 7 ¼ x 5 1/4, I cut them down to 4 inches tall.


Cut Down:

Next cut the patterned paper to cover your envelopes. In my case I cut it to 8 inches x 4 inches. You want to cut it at least ¾ of an inch longer than your envelopes length. When you cover the envelope, you will want the extra paper to be on the left side when you are looking at the front of the cover envelope. Adhere it to the back of the envelope.

Once you have all of the envelopes covered, cut two more pieces of patterned cardstock the same size (these will be you front and back covers).
Stack all of the envelopes covered side up. Place the back cover so that it is even with the right edges of your envelopes. Fold the extra length over to the front of the stack. Then put the front cover on and fold the extra length to the back of the stack. Then punch your holes (at least two) down the edges with the extra length. This is easy to do if you have a Big Bite...if not you may have to do a few at a time.

Bind it with ribbon, notebook rings or like I did. I used the extra posts that came with album refills.

Embellish how you want. I made some labels for each envelope. I used paper clips so that I could also use them to hold the envelopes shut if they get really filled (you know... too much shopping). I cut out a notch in the envelope so the tabs would sit lower.

And here you have it...with and without the tabs.

It is really much more simple than I may have explained it. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Very AWESOME! This is going to be on my to do list! Looks great!

  2. do you cover every single envelope with the cardstock or do you just use it as a cover? im trying to make this for my mom and im having trouble... \:


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