Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have been neglectful!!! Have a piece of CANDY.

Ever since we got home from our vacation...I have been having a hard time getting back into a grove. My scrap table is a complete disaster. I want to scrap something...but really think it would be easier if I cleaned up a bit. Problem is...I don't want to. So...that is where I am right now. But...just to show you all I still love you:


Here is what I have for some lucky winner:
Fancy Pants: All Fall Theme Set
Six 12x12 sheets of double-sided patterned cardstock paper
one 12x12 sheet of coordinating cardstock die-cuts.

Here is what you need to do to win:
1. post a link to this on your blog (if you don't have a blog...that is okay)
2. leave a comment on this post telling me how you get motivated to clean your scrap area or tell me one of you organizational ideas
3. buy something from me that I have posted on my other blog (HEE HEE just kidding).


  1. oh do i get motivated?? lol, kenny yells at me! haha, not really but he threatens to throw things away if i don't put them away! i keep telling him when i have my own scrap room it will all change!

  2. I need to get motivated too! I have been thinking about posting a new challenge. Let me see what I can do. WE all need to motivate each other somehow! I love the blog candy!

  3. So it's easy for me to stay motivated to clean my scrap area for two reasons. 1. I have a slight case of OCD when it comes to my workspaces, and 2. because my hubby and I share the desk so if it has my crap on it he will toss it to the side and mess everything up.
    Loving the blog candy Pam. I am linking this on my sidebar. You know I'd buy something from you but right now Fruit Snacks and Granola bars are on the top of my shopping list.

  4. How do I get motivated? I simply wait for you to post a challenge, then I go to my 'zone' and say to myself, 'well, I'll never get anything done till something gets put away or sorted.' Then I start with the task of doing that and never get around to the challenge, but my area is cleaner.
    Truth be known, I don't even care if it's a mess or not right now. Doesn't matter.
    Oh, and I need that candy.

  5. Well here is what I do to get motivated. Find the bottom of my mess on the table by pushing things so sticker and what not fall on the floor. Well I have to bend over and pick it up and I look back at the table and get disgusted and start cleaning it. I'm serious, or the other way my dh tell me he's gonna throw it all away.

  6. I get motivated from all the challenges sketches and tutorials on you tube.

  7. Hmmm, how do I get motivated to clean my scrap area? When I can't find a darn thing anymore! Honestly, it's usually a mess until company is coming over and because the room is right off the living room and has French doors (meaning you can see through them!), then I have no choice but to clean it. And once it's cleaned, it feeeeels so good! I finally feel so motivated to CREATE! When my room is messy, it actually puts a damper on my creative mood and I can't seem to do anything artistic. That's when I know it's time to clean. I will actually get depressed if the room stays messy for too long. Oh, and it's great when you find things you had forgotten you had! It's like Xmas again!

  8. Hi,

    I have visited you almost daily since I found your blog and bookmarked it.Blog candy is so much fun.


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