Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Organizing and Ribbon Jar Guessing Game

I am totally re-organizing my Scrap Cave. It is getting there (especially if you don't count the jar I just broke that got glass all over the floor!!). I am hoping that once I have everything organized...I will regain some of my scrapping mojo. It seems every time I get the desk cleared off, it gets cluttered up again with the next section I am working on. But I figure it has to end some time...right???

So in an attempt to help get this CAVE cleaned up...I have a jar filled with ribbon scraps. Each piece ranges from 1inch or so to 12 inches or so. All you have to do to win all the ribbon in the jar is guess the right number of pieces. First person to guess correctly wins. Only one guess per hour!! Good luck!


  1. Well, Crap! I was going to guess 148, but I see I am a little too late! Pretty impressive Allison!!! Congrats!

  2. Good Gracious!! You have a crapload of ribbon, and then I bought a bunch of ribbon from you a while back too:) Congrats Allison for guessing it right!! Whooo Hoo

  3. holy crap! lol, i so just pulled that one out of my butt!!!!


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