Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Missed my Blogoversary AGAIN!!

Man! I am never going to remember my blogoversary with it being so close to my son's birthday and Christmas. We were actually out of town this year on the 17th. Anyway...in celebration...I have a present for one lucky reader.
One person, chosen at random, will get a scrap kit from me in the color scheme of their choice.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what color you like and want projects you are working on or should be working on.

For two more additional entries repost this on your Facebook and/or Twitter account (let me know if you do the additional two entries!).

Winner will also get an additional surprise if my followers reach 100 before the drawing!! So, be sure to let people know to follow me too!!!

winner will be chosen at random on January 8th...and announced on January 9th.


  1. Teresa (rscngirls)January 4, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    Pink is my favorite color and I am not really working on any projects right now, besides figuring out my new camera Rob bought me for Christmas :)

  2. I have to leave a comment in order to be qualified for this fabulous prize. How do I know it's a fabulous prize? Uh, helloooo, consider who's handing it out. Nuff said.
    Okay, you know my favorite color is yellow, but I don't use it much when scraping. I use 'em ALL. And what project am I working on? You silly goose, I'm trying to work on just having a scrap area. I do have some Valentine and Birthday cards I've kinda sorta started. So I guess that's what I'm working on right now. But if you would come and organize my 'area' I could work on multiple projects. So come on down!!! Okay, it's not letting me post this with my name (I'm doing something wrong again) so I'll just be anonymous, but it's me .. fairymo.

  3. You are so funny! Maybe you should put your blog on one of those bday/anniversary reminders, so they can let you know when it's coming up! I love orange and red and blue and green....like Sharon I'm annonymous, but it's me gmcat.

  4. Oh Pam, of course I put a link to your blog on my FB page. I'm really into Turquoise and Brown. I love seeing the things you create, it gives me such inspiration! Sheri64

  5. Well, my current favorite is blue... And I SHOULD be working on any of my kids album's but I think that I will focus on the little one's first since it gives me a chance to use more blue! Oh, and my big project ahead is the invites to L's 7th birthday -- we are thinking Winter Hawaiian Luau, I think -- any great ideas on that one????

    Oh and I put you up on FB and tweeted about my awesome friend's blog too!

  6. I love anything purple and green and burgundy...as far as what I'm working on? hahaha...I have so many projects I don't know where to start! I'm making calendars right now, altering a few boxes and sorting through pictures to order...I agree, you should put your blogoversary on a calendar!! I put you on my FB page...I don't tweet :) but I do FB and I'm working on a blog right now..hoping to get motivated!

  7. I love all girly colors...really love purple, pink, teal and brown. I am not working on Kyra's 3rd year (she is 9), Kady's age 1-2 book (she is only 3) and Emee's first year. Also, my wedding book, 2 disney books, my husbands career book and who knows what else! I would be working on all of them if I had the time! So, if you pick me just send me a baby sitter for 3 or four days. Oh, and a maid. Thanks! I shared the link on facebook!

  8. Thanks for the chance to win, you are so sweet!
    I need to do a blog candy soon too! Anyway, I love PINK/Purple or pink/brown! I am not really working on anything in particular just trying to stay crafty, and I need to get some family holiday layouts done! I did a Christmas layout last night! Yayyy for me! My goal is to scrap at least 2-4 pages per month this year! And make all my Bday cards ahead of time to send out on my Bday list!

  9. Just posted it on my Facebook!

  10. You are so awesome to even remember it late. With life and kids I can barely remember what I did yesterday...lol! I tried to do a blog but havent kept up with it. Hope you get some scrappy time tonight. Love your work! I havent done any pages since last fall and Im jones'in.

  11. The pages you've done have more than made up for missing your blogoversary.
    My favorite color is blue. Right now I'm working on Audrey's scrapbook so I've been using some pink and purples...colors I'm SO not used to using. I should be working on both kiddos albums. Can't wait to see more of your great pages!


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