Sunday, March 21, 2010

License Plate "purse"

Here is my take on another of the 31 days of March Contest challenges

6) Make a purse (these instructions use playing cards…but you can use heavy cardstock and instead of laminating it…cover with contact paper or clear packing tape:

I used some Little Yellow Bicycle paper: Fresh Print Traveler - Plates. I cut out the plates so they would all be the same size. I then used a tanish brown colored duct tape to adhere it all. It was fun. I think next time I will first adhere the cardstock to cardboard for extra stability. I have all my paints and brushes in it.
I have it on good authority that someone has actually completed ALL the challenges. I have only seen one link on the main post. Don't forget to link your pictures HERE.

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  1. So cute! Love it! I am slowly but surely trying to work on all the challenges, hope to get them all done! Thanks for the inspiration:)


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