Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...What ya doing to me???

So we put up tree number two the other day. Long story short...the first one we put up seemed sparse so we got a different one at Wal-Mart. You know, one of those pre-lit, put it up in three easy steps trees. NOT. First it weighs 400 pounds! And second...the plugs are soooo hard to find. Anyway...it is up. Yippee. After several hours of off and on fluffing it was looking good. So we went on an ornament shopping spree. I have to say, Joey had a blast. He must have looked at every single ornament. Those finally made it to the tree last night. And it looks good.

Jake had more fun playing with the beaded garland. In fact he didn't want to give it up!!

Joey hanging the first ornament.

The boys NEVER look at the camera at the same time. Know how I got them to do it this time? I said, "Daddy has a boogie" and they both looked!! LOL

Finished tree.

Joey admiring his handy work

When Joey got up this morning he plugged in the tree (hoping he doesn't electrocute himself!). I asked him if he was coming downstairs, and he said "I am not finished looking at the tree". Boy is he going to be upset when we take it down!

Then later this morning he and Jake went up to make sure it was still lit up. A few minutes later Joey yells downstairs, "Mommy don't come up". Well that is NEVER good. So of course I went up. About 10 ornaments were off the tree and on the couch. This tree is going to be the death of me!!

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