Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Young and The Restless...

It is nap time...thank you!! And happily Jake is staying in his bed. Joey is playing with his stickers. For not quite four that kid is getting very sneaky. He knows if he uses the potty I will give him some stickers. So I think he just goes once on the potty just to get them. I am going to have to start approaching this differently.
I am restless to make something. But what....for some reason I have no desire to work on Christmas cards. I am thinking about making a book. A recipe book for my sister for her birthday. I have been inspired by some absolutely gorgeous recipe books I stumbled upon on blog called Creative Paint and Paper (You can click the link under Blogs I Browse to see what I mean). I won't fool myself into thinking I could come close to duplicating what she has done. But I will run with the inspiration!

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