Friday, December 19, 2008

Yippee...It's Here....

I just took it out of the box. My new Cricut Expression!!! I am so excited that I got to upgrade to the larger one. Now if only I could try it out. Jakey never took a nap. I have spent the better part of this day cleaning up after them. I should have taken a picture. At one point you could not even see the floor. But getting back to the Cricut. It came with a Plantin Schoolbook cartridge which I do not need. If anyone would like to buy it from me, I am asking $30 (shipping it on me).


  1. Just went to your on-line store! How awesome! Great job. I don't really know how you do all that you do.

  2. You should see the state of my house!!! LOL

  3. Hey Pam, I didn't know you were on blogger! I'll keep checkin' ya out. Congrats on the Expresion. Mine is currently not living up to it's potential, but I'm hoping to change that :)


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