Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Make It Challenge

I am challenging my scrappy friends on facebook and all my blog followers to a Monday Make It Challenge.
Make a notebook.  Alter an existing one....make one from scratch...whatever gets you motivated.
Here is mine with a quickie how to.  Pretty happy with the finished product.

Started with a pre-binded chunk of plain paper (had this in my "keep it and maybe I'll use it" pile), a few sheets of Quite Contrary Paper from MME (love this paper as I have a bit of an owl obsession happening), really nice fabric (donated to me by my awesome friend Sharon M.), a 12 x 12 piece of black chipboard and some fabric interfacing for the Silhouette.

supplies...minus the various adhesives I used
First I did some measuring so see how much I would need to cut off so that the paper would fit nicely in the about to be chipboard cover.

measure twice, cut once or eyeball it and cross your fingers

It turned out to be the perfect width, so all I had to do was cut off some length and score it in the middle to create a spine.

be careful not to cut all the the way thru

 Then I covered the inside (minus the spine) and the outside (minus the spine).
love, love this paper almost hated to cut it
Now for the spine...I ironed the fabric to the Silhouette interfacing and stuck it on a cutting mat.  Then I took FOREVER picking just the right shape for the front side...downloaded a bunch of non-relevant shapes...organized the newly added shapes....  After all that I ended up with a pretty basic shape for the spine.  I am so good at getting side tracked.
stuff is awesome

should have ironed that crease....

12 hours later.......


Adhering it to the spine was a fun challenge.  I had used up all my double-sided-super-sticky-adhesive.  So with a mixture of glue dots and Diamond glaze....I got that thing to stick!
All that was left was embellishing and sticking the bunch of paper on the inside (another challenge that involved a lot of different mediums).

binder clip to hold it shut...wish it was brown

inside pocket for....stuff

finished notebook!

cute little bookmark I made with leftover fabric, chipboard and an owl sticker.


  1. So cute! I love that paper too. The owls on your blog are a hoot! Sorry, couldn't resist! Hope you and your boys had a wonderful Christmas!


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