Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Make It....{Re}Purposed Binder

This weeks Monday Challenge is to re-purpose an item that was headed to the trash or recyle bin. 

I had a small binder I was going to throw away.  It was sticky and had scribbled pen marks on it.  I decided to turn it into an address book.  Ideally I would love all my phone numbers and addresses to be stored in my cellphone...but that always ends up biting me in the you know where.  They never seem to transfer to a new phone...and I end up having to start over.  Solution: a permanent copy for our kitchen bookshelf.

originally was going to make a calendar...went a different way instead
First you need to cut apart your binder.  This is actually pretty easy to do using an exacto knife or a pair of scissors. 

slice on the seams
Next get to strippin'.  The binder!  Take all the plastic off the binder pieces.  Trickiest part is under the binder clips...use an exacto knife to slide in there and slice from the fastener to the edge.  You should be able to tear the piece off now.

Nekkid as my friend Fairymo would say.
 I have a favorite pair of jeans that had holes in the knees.  I turned them into shorts and saved the legs.  This is what I wanted to use to cover my binder.  Enter Modge Podge (cuz I can't sew very well).  ***To add a little structure to the seams I first adhered the three pieces to a piece of cardstock. (Just at the spine and part of the front and back cover). 

Cut straight much???
I covered the insides with pieces of jean hind sight I should have used the clean cut fabric interfacing and my silhouette for a nicer edge...oh and learn.
Ta it!  Had to include the tear that came with the jeans because those tears are expensive!
That hole added about 10 bucks to the cost of these jeans.

Rest of the book was finished with some For the Record papers and cardstock stickers by Echo Park.  Dividers are a Silhouette download that I resized for my needs.  I also included a page at the very beginning for web addresses too.  Easy Peasy.  Gonna be tearing off the ugly plastic covers on all my binders now!

web addresses page
cardstock dividers reinforced with pretty paper.
Thanks for looking...leave a link in the comments if you have a repurposed item to share.

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