Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday Make It Challenge{on a Tuesday}: Pantry Subway Art

This weeks Monday Make It challenge comes to you on a Tuesday.  {Monday holidays always throw me off}  The challenge is to make something for your kitchen.  It can be decor or something to help organize or some kind of storage...your pick!
Here is mine:
The Silhouette Online Store has subway art for everything...chores, coffee, cocktails and even Black Friday...but nothing for pantry.  I wanted to put something on my pantry door, and I wanted that something to be subway art.  So I made it myself.  It was easier than I thought (except for the installation but I'll get to that).
I downloaded some random kitchen utensil designs and opened the Design Studio (sorry about not having pictures).  Then I just added words to a 8.5 x 10 space.  I used varying fonts and sizes, filling in empty spaces with pictures of kitchen-y items. 
Learn from my lesson...save it BEFORE cutting it.  My netbook froze up after cutting out the design while I was peeling away the vinyl not needed.  I can't reprint this one ever again.... :(
Installation is usually pretty easy with vinyl appliques.   But I was doomed from the get go.  I had a touch of vertigo last night.  As a result I had a little problem getting it straight.  I was able to peel it away a few times (thank goodness) and readjust.  I think this is what caused the sticking problem I was having afterwards...or lack of sticking I should say.  It was tedious...but I got it all adhered.  The whisk was a...you know what!
All in all..VERY happy with the result.  My husband pointed out that I used the exact font the Nutella company uses on their packaging.  I would love to say that was intentional, but it was a happy coincidence.
What do you think??  Pretty awesome, huh?

We have some yummy stuff in the pantry!
Working on a whole calendar memo system using chalkboard vinyl, but I ran out of chalkboard vinyl and need to get some chalk pens....so that will be for a later post.  Thanks for looking!

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  1. Pam!! That is AWESOMENESS X's 4. I love it. You have got to be the most creative person on this planet. At least on my planet. Thank you for sharing with us. Keep the ideas coming lady. I can't wait to see the next one.


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